5.2. Model Applications

5.2.1. Air Quality and Composition

Data related to all areas of atmospheric composition, including ozone, smoke, dust, AOD and PM2.5

5.2.2. Climate

Average long range earth system predictions

5.2.3. Convection Allowing Models

High resolution model configurations (1-4km) usually producing forecasts between 0-3 days (also referred to as limited area models, stand-alone regional, and short range weather applications)

5.2.4. Cryosphere

The frozen part of the earth system modeling framework (also referred to as sea-ice)

5.2.5. Data Assimilation

Observational data used as part of the initial conditions for numerical weather prediction

5.2.6. Marine and Coastal

Data related to verification involving marine and coastal systems, excluding cryosphere work

5.2.7. Medium Range

Lower resolution model configuration (>4km) usually producing forecasts out to 7-14 days (also referred to as global models)

5.2.8. Precipitation

Any fields that can be defined as precipitation, including rain, snow, and other precipitation types

5.2.9. Subseasonal to Seasonal

Subseasonal-to-Seasonal model configurations; Lower resolution model configurations (>4km) usually producing forecasts out beyond 14 days and up 1 year

5.2.10. Space Weather

Upper atmosphere and geospace model configurations

5.2.11. Tropical Cyclone and Extra Tropical Cyclone

Any field that is associated with Tropical Cyclone and Extra-tropical Cyclones

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