8. Recreate an Existing Release

To recreate an existing development, bugfix, or official release:

  • Reopen the corresponding development project from the Developmental Testbed Center organization project page.

  • Make an necessary additions to the existing project. For example, move any newly completed issues and pull requests (e.g. from beta3 back to beta2).

  • Reopen the GitHub issue for creating the previously created release.

  • Delete the existing release from GitHub.

  • Delete the existing release tag (e.g. v11.0.0-beta2) from GitHub.

  • Follow the instructions from the Release Guide, being sure to update the release data for the actual release note. Consider adding a note in description section for the GitHub release to indicate that this release was re-created with an explanation. For example, “NOTE: The MET-11.0.0-beta2 development release from 8/3/2022 has been recreated to resolve a compilation issue.”