2. METplus Release Information

Users can view the Release Types section of the Release Guide for descriptions of the development releases (including beta releases and release candidates), official releases, and bugfix releases for the METplus Components.

2.2. METplus Wrappers Release Notes

When applicable, release notes are followed by the GitHub issue number which describes the bugfix, enhancement, or new feature.

2.2.1. METplus Version 6.0.0 Beta 1 Release Notes (2023-09-15)

  • Remove support for deprecated environment variables for old wrapped MET config files (#2299)

  • Improve time formatting logic to include certain times and use day of week to subset (#2283)

  • Remove TCMPRPlotter wrapper (#2310)

  • Update buoy use case to use buoy station file from 2022 (#2279)

  • Prevent failure in LSR use case (#2294)

New Wrappers


New Use Cases
  • Scatterometer wind data (#1488)



  • Add coordinated release checklist to the METplus Release Guide (#2282)

  • Recreate Docker/Conda environments after METbaseimage OS upgrade (#2338)

2.3. METplus Wrappers Upgrade Instructions

No upgrade instructions are needed for this release.

TODO: Add info about switching to using provided wrapped MET config file instead of user-defined.