METplus Release Notes

When applicable, release notes are followed by the GitHub issue number which describes the bugfix, enhancement, or new feature:

New in v3.1.1 (20201222)


  • Missing dependencies for CyclonePlotter wrapper no longer prevent others wrappers from being used (#586)

  • Fixed corrupted time information error when running using custom loop list (#740)

  • Fixed logic preventing StatAnalysis to run with MakePlots (#743)

New in v3.1 (20200810)


  • Running EnsembleStat then GridStat fails when PCPCombine is also run (#509)

  • All changes included in 3.0.1 and 3.0.2 bugfix releases

New Wrappers:

New Use Cases:

  • StatAnalysis use case to demonstrate using Python Embedding (#492)

  • Develop new SWPC use case using_gen_vx_mask (#427)

  • Create a Feature Relative Use Case with User Diagnostics (#522)

  • Develop Surrogate Severe Calculation use-case (#413)


  • GenVxMask wrapper doesn’t handle commas within command line arguments properly (#454)

  • Enhance PointStat to process one field at a time (#451)

  • GridStat and other wrappers set input dir to OUTPUT_BASE if not set (#446)

  • Add curl possibility to build_components build MET script (#513)

  • Change the shebang lines from “#!/usr/bin/env python” to “#!/usr/bin/env python3” (#503)

  • Add variable MET_BIN_DIR to replace {MET_INSTALL_DIR}/bin in the code (#502)

  • File window functionality gives useful message if not enough information provided in filename template (#517)

  • Enable METplus to only process certain months of a year (#512)

  • Enhance StatAnalysis/MakePlots to support use defined templates in plotting scripts (#500)

  • Create Docker image for METplus release (#498)

  • StatAnalysis wrapper no longer silently fails when no field information is provided (#422)

  • Allow regrid_data_plane wrapper to input multiple fields (#421)

  • Expand support for begin_end_incr syntax (#404)

  • Clean up StringSub/StringExtract calls (#343)

  • Rearrange ush with subdirs (#311)


  • Change mouse over text for use cases to include config file name (#400)

  • Setup Initial Integration Test Framework - Travis CI (#185)

  • Setup new location to house INPUT DATA for testing (#461)

  • Split up use case tests so it can be run on Travis (#460)

  • Update Tutorial Chapter 4 for MET 9.0, METplus 3.0 (#428)

  • Reorganize sphinx documentation files (#418)

New in v3.0 (20200316)

  • Moved to using Python 3.6.3

  • User environment variables ([user_env_vars]) and [FCST/OBS]_VAR<n>_[NAME/LEVEL/OPTIONS] now support filename template syntax, i.e. {valid?fmt=%Y%m%d%H}

  • Added support for python embedding to supply gridded input data to MET tools (PCPCombine, GridStat, PointStat (gridded data only), RegridDataPlane…

  • PCPCombine now supports custom user-defined commands to build atypical use case calls

  • Improved logging to help debugging by listing expected file path

  • PyEmbedIngester wrapper added to allow python embedding for multiple data sources

  • Added support for month and year intervals for [INIT/VALID]_INCREMENT and LEAD_SEQ

  • Addition of contributor/developer guide as part of documentation

  • Documentation moved online using GitHub Pages and completely renamed, PDF option TBD.

  • Bugfix: PCPCombine subtract mode will call add method with 1 file if processing accumulation data and the lead time is equal to the desired accumulation

  • Bugfix: PCPCombine add mode forecast GRIB input

  • Bugfix: PCPCombine sum mode no longer fails when input level is not explicitly specified